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Kovenex is a Heat & Flame Resistant Material

Kovenex is an inherently heat and flame resistant material that offers the ultimate protection in situations where safety is paramount. Produced by Waubridge Specialty Fabrics, Kovenex is built upon three decades of experience and innovation, and is the solution you need to differentiate your personal and property protection products from all the rest.

Kovenex offers peace of mind – for you, and for your customers. Our company is committed to creating a product that is unlike any other: a heat and flame resistant material that not only lives up to industry standards, but exceeds them. The comfort and security that comes from using this high-performing and reliable ingredient is simply invaluable. By safeguarding your products with Kovenex, you’ll know that your first responders, welders, soldiers, motorsport enthusiasts and other customers are protected – no matter the situation.

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