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Fabric Properties

Kovenex fabrics are non-woven, high performance, flame-resistant thermal barriers that are more effective than traditional thermal barriers on the market today. Commercially available in a number of domestic and international brands of personal protective equipment (PPE) and FR gear, Kovenex patented blend of fibers produce TPP levels per basis weight equal to or better than other, more expensive woven thermal barriers.

Heat Resistant Fabric

Kovenex is made from a patented blend of performance fibers to create heat resistant fabric that is appropriate for use in high temperature environments. A synergistic blend of inherently heat…Read More

Tear Proof Fabric

As a non-woven, stitch-bonded fabric, Kovenex provides outstanding tear resistance. It’s minimal fiber migration is the result of a locking structure created by stitch-bonding. While Kovenex is available as a…Read More

Laminate Fabric

One way Kovenex can assist manufacturers is by offering Kovenex laminate fabrics. A laminate fabric is a two (or more) layer construction with a polymer film bonded to a fabric.…Read More

Thermal Fabric

Kovenex thermal fabric provides the same high level of protection that wovens offer, but at a much lighter basis weight. In gloves nd as a liner in other PPE, Kovenex…Read More

Waterproof Fabric

A unique attribute of Kovenex FR fabrics is their ability to accept coatings, like waterproofing, without reducing or impacting the fabric’s FR performance. Kovenex fabric is available with a water/oil…Read More

Flame Resistant Fabric

Appropriate for use in hot work environments, Kovenex flame resistant fabrics protect against direct flame in environments including welding, grinding operations and others in which contact with direct flame is…Read More

Cut Resistant Fabric

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, injuries to the hand, wrist and finger account for the second-highest number of workplace injuries, with approximately 110,000 lost-time hand injuries annually.…Read More

Aluminized Fabric

One way manufacturers are trying to improve heat and flame resistance while offering radiant heat protection is by combining FR fabric with an aluminized laminate to create a single, aluminized…Read More